Sunday, March 14, 2010


Over the past year an idea -- a dream -- has been knocking around in my head. Could I retire and become a full time writer? If I focused 100% on writing -- put as much time and effort into it as I do my job, would I achieve success? I believe, I believe, I believe . . . yes, I would.

I have a great job, a lifetime of experience. It's rewarding work and I'm good at it. It represents security. And I'm making a difference in people's lives. Why would I want to turn my back on all that? But a little voice keeps whispering, "why not follow your dream?" In the back of my mind I know I have a safety net: if I just can't swing it I can go back to work. Of utmost importance to me is the medical insurance I get as part of my retirement. Without that, this would be impossible to pursue. What have I really got to lose?

If I retire now, my monthly pension will be much smaller than if I wait, and I'll have permanently lost that larger pension. My income will be approximately 1/3 of what I currently earn. (Yikes!) And I'll be the only motivation I have to pursue my new profession. I'll have to sit my butt in that chair every day. Can I do it?

I've put some money aside that I can use to supplement my pension. I'll have to be verrrrry frugal. But I want to follow that dream. I want to do something totally different than what I've done for the past 37 years. I want to give myself that opportunity. My co-workers are surprised that I'm retiring so young. "You're too young" they say. "What are you doing to do?" I tell them I'll still be working full time. I'm going to have a whole new career as a writer. I write historical romance. I'm going to follow my dream and give it a shot.

They're encouraging and happy for me. And every time I say it, it becomes a little more real, a little more possible.

I have to be brave, I have to be determined. I'm not really sure where all that's coming from, except deep down inside I do believe. I've worked hard at my craft. I have one completed, polished manuscript and I'm one-third of the way through my current WIP. I know it takes more than talent, hard work and perseverance. It takes the right time, right place, right person, too. I'm thinking maybe I can find a bit of luck.

Thinking of all the women who'd like to be able to do this but can't gives me the courage to go forward. So May 29, 2010 I officially become a full time writer. I will consider my profession to be Writer. I expect to be successful -- three years seems a reasonable goal. Yes, I Believe.


  1. Sending you are sorts of good luck vibes.

    And that leap of faith, doesn't it feel wonderful? Not only can you do it, but you will do it.

    Best of luck.

  2. HI Sheri!!

    I'm so very excited for you! I wish you only the best! I know you'll succeed. You have the drive to make it all happen. Go for it, lady!((hugs!))

  3. Congratulations on your decision Sherry! I wish you great wealth and happiness on your new journey!


    Micole Black

  4. Believing is half the battle Sheri. So glad to see you taking your craft so seriously and treating your talent to the devotion it deserves. Tons of wishes for smooth sailing and success!