Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Those Little Movies?

Since we've been talking about video trailers the last couple of days, I'm curious about everyone's opinion concerning these little movies.

Do you usually view them when you're at an author's site, promo site, bookstore site like, or anywhere else on the net?

Or do you only check out those of your favorite authors'?

Has a trailer piqued your interest enough that you've actually bought the book? Or do you just think you might and don't really make the effort to head to the bookstore?

Does it make you look at a genre differently, one you normally don't read but now think you might based on a trailer?

Do you even like the video trailers at all? Are they a waste of time for you? You can take'em or leave'em?

As an aspiring author, do you think you'll invest in one when you become published?

Published authors, have you found your trailer to be effective for you? Do you get good feedback on them, letting you know they're working as far as sales? Would you do it again on your next book?

Do you think other means of advertising are more effective? Less effective?

Take a look at Stacey's video again:

If you were to think about having a trailer created for your current WIP, how would you want it to be seen? Do you even think about that at this point?

Have you checked into video trailers at all to know more about them? Talked to an author to find out if they're worth the time and effort?

What's your favorite video trailer? Once you read the book, did the trailer represent the book to your satisfaction?

Did you know that the term "book trailer" is copyrighted? Yep. You can't use that lovely term willy-nilly. COS Productions holds that copyright.

Enough questions? Or have you thought of something I didn't ask? Give it to me!