Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Second Times's a Charm?

Or so I'm hoping. I took June's advice and checked out Blogger. So right, June, this is soooo much easier! Easier to get it up and running, easier to post, easier to read, Stacey, and easier to comment, Ginny.

LOL, I know someone's not going to like something I've set up, but, well, you can't please everyone and that's life. We're up and running and we're staying exactly like we are!

Now, you do have to register with Blogger to participate, but, as I said, they're easy, so everyone please do sign up, even if you choose not to participate right now. I believe I've set it up that only members can comment, so even to do that, you must be a member of Blogger too.

I've reposted the two bloggings I've done since January, so if you'd like to still comment on those, especially the one from the beginning of the year, please do so.

We do have the option of hosting this blog somewhere other than Blogger, so that's something I'll have to see if we can do with our particular host. I don't know that what Blogger means is every other host on the internet, but I'll be looking into it. If not, we'll just link it from our site to Blogger.



  1. Looks great, Sandy! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  2. All Right!! Now you're cooking. Since I'm already signed up with Goggle I just had to save the site to favorites and hit sign in. I like what you did with the colors. The black makes the photo pop and the text is fun to play with. Here is a good site for edit info to start us off with.

    Come on ladies lets hear from you.

  3. Thanks, June! This definitely was much easier. And thanks for the new link. I've added it to our list below.

  4. This looks super! At least I can make comments here.

    a.k.a. F. M. Meredith

  5. This is great. Thanks for all you help Sandy. The page looks fantastic.